Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

Get Benefits of using latest Artificial Intelligence.

RNRN's proprietary AI system collects and analyzes the thousands of the country's travel nurse jobs, and markets them to social media platforms.

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Core Features:

Smart Analyzer

Jobs must be put in the front of the right nurse at the right time.

Adaptive Chatbot Assistant

Hiring a nurse is complex and RNRN walks nurses through the entire process automatically.

Creative AI Platform

Tens of thousands of jobs and candidates needing to match relying on RNRN’s millions of data matching points to suggest the best job for the nurse.

Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

The Benefits of using latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

Artificial intelligence opens vast new avenues by removing all human limitations. The market of healthcare jobs availabe minute to minute and the high number of nurse applicants make it impossible for a person to make a quality match. Human recruiters rely on luck and playing the odds to get a nurse hired. RNRN relies on accurate facts to make a match and uses it's speed to outperform the competition.

Industry Specific

Focused on mastering one industry properly and that is travel nursing. Where speed and accuracy is paramount to the hiring process.

Industry Knowledge

RNRN has been implented with multipe agencies collectively gathering 65 years of cummalitve industry experiences.

Our Fun Facts

Numbers We're Proud Of

Our technology has been utilized in the Travel Nurse Industry for the past 6 years.


Jobs Posted Per Day


Quotes Created Hourly


New Nurses Engaged Daily


Job Data Points Per Second

How It Works

Nurses know that jobs close very fast, and speed is so critical to a successful placement.

Find the Job

With so many nurse jobs all over the country, RNRN has 6 years of computational job history collecting to know which jobs to find for the nurse.

Nurse Applies

Nurses don’t have anytime to spare! RNRN’s adaptive intelligence mobile app which manages each nurse uniquely to expedite the interview process.

Get The Nurse Submitted

Let’s not forget the paper heavy submittal package. RNRN assembles all the information the nurse provides to a presentable package to the facility.

Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of using the latest Artificial Intelligence.

RNRN has every tool Travel Nurse Agencies use to get nurses placed, and all of managed by the A.I.

Mobile Friendly App
Clean & Modern Design Layout
Submittal Package Creator
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